24 Hours with Google Fit

Yesterday we covered that Google had launched Google Fit for iOS less than a year after revamping Fit for Android. The release was an interesting move as the app include Apple a Health integration.

We tried out Google Fit for 24 hours and I honestly expected more from the application, there is no option for challenges with other Google Fit users nor is there any signs of achievement badges. This alone for me personally makes the app useless as I want the ability to challenge other Google Fit users regardless of how they track their fitness.

The app doesn’t really offer much except for options to integrate with other fitness apps which Apple heath already offers. Now I understand users are concerned with their privacy and Google and I like some of Google’s products however even I have to ask why would any iOS user feel the need to use Google Fit and trust Google with their health data. Google isn’t the worst company for Privacy with the like of Facebook but they certainly aren’t a trusty worth company for such personal data.