3 is the only major Uk provider without the Apple Watch

UK network provider 3 remains the only big network that does not offer the Apple Watch. 3 remains one of the cheapest mobile data providers around however after O2 announced they were now offering the Apple Watch and it seems as though 3 may lose more customers.

There are several other UK operators however these all piggyback of the main network providers.

3 covers 97% of the UK and have over 10,000 masts stretched all over the country to keep people connected. However, at the present, the Three 4GB network is limited, mainly in major cities but is expanding fast.

As the Apple Watch gains traction over the years people are switching to providers who offer Apple cellular plans. 3 came from a company with a bad customer service experience and worked hard at becoming one of the most popular network provider remaining extremely competitive on unlimited data packages.

Let us know with three of the four big network providers now offering the Apple Watch are you looking to change providers?