8.4.1 Jailbreak update 

You may remember a while back we posted on the potential jailbreak of iOS 8.4.1 by Luca Todesco aka @qwertyoruiop.

We covered that if users wanted to be in with a chance to downgrade from iOS 9 to 8.4.1 whilst Apple was still signing it.

Apple has long since stopped signing 8.4.1 and Luca Todesco has released source code for jailbreaking iOS 8.4.1 on GitHub.

Now before everyone gets super excited with this Luca Todesco advises you to hold off installing Cydia

“latest Yalu git commit does a jailbreak & extracts a .tgz to /. Make sure not to install cydia with it. OpenSSH is fine.” “technically speaking my i6 is now jailbroken on 8.4.1. yalu for i6 will be out very soon”

So whilst this is good news for all those on 8.4.1 it may still take a little while before the full release.