911 Dispatch in Baltimore Hacked

Hacking is nothing new and we are seeing more and more brazen hacks happening, today we have learnt that over the weekend Baltimore’s 911 dispatch system was hacked causing authorities too temporarily shut it down. The confirmation comes from the mayor’s office to The Baltimore Sun.

In a statement the mayor’s office confirms that the system was digitally infiltrated early Saturday morning, the statement did not provided any other details as the investigation is ongoing. City personnel identified a “limited breach” of the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) that automatically routes emergency requests to dispatchers, and the department switched it to manual mode while the affected server was isolated and taken offline. The CAD system was fully restored by 2AM Sunday.

While such systems do not store much personal or financial data like that targeted in other high-profile hacks, they can contain some medical information and provide back-door access to important mapping systems used by cities like Baltimore.