A day with AppDB

The resigning business is growing more and more. As Apple totally blocked any way to use even your own coded apps without a developer account for 99$/Year for longer than 7 days there have to be some alternatives. AppDB is such an alternative.

Your device will be linked to an email address and you can use AppDB to download Apps. You don’t need to pay to use it on jailbroken Devices as you just can install AppSync and for non-jailbroken Users it’s priced at only 11,99§ (http://regmyudid.cc) which is a lot cheaper than comparable other ones. After you got a coupon code you can enter it under the menu point AppDB Pro on the AppDB.cc Website Menu.

So how’s the usage and Design of AppDB and what are my impressions after using AppDB an entire day:

AppDB feels pretty smoot and the servers loading pretty fast. AppDB is providing a big database of installable Applications out of the box and they always add new ones. To install a new App simply click one of the Icons or just use the search bar to find your desired content (You may be asked if your device is jailbroken or not on first installation). They also have iBooks to download which is a big plus as I don’t know any other Resigning Store offering iBooks to download for free.

Alternatively, you can also use the menu on the upper left corner to choose a category of apps. AppDB also comes preloaded with some TWEAKED Apps like NBA or WhatsApp which include extra functions compared to the normal WhatsApp client and also some Cydia Apps who don’t require a Jailbreak to be executed.

So what is my feedback after using it one day? It’s a cool, fast and lightweight resigning Service for an affordable Price and with a bunch of cool features. The only point of criticism would be that you currently not directly upload own iPA’s. But I’m sure this feature will be added in the near future.

This all sounds interesting to you? Then we have a great message for you. We are giving away a FREE COPY of AppDB.

The rules are you must follow geekscorner, iDebeon and of course Appdb, retweet this article. Winners will be announced Friday 6pm uk time from geekscorner’s Twitter.

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Sponsored by Blueleafhosting for all your hosting needs

Article by iDebeon