Activator 1.9.8 is here

Yesterday after months into the making Ryan Petrich released his massive update to Activator to the public.

This update brings lots of features such as event search, pauses between actions, Apple Watch support, and more. The full changelog is detailed below :-

Activator 1.9.8 changelog

  1. Add watch connectivity events

  2. Add force touch screen left and screen right events

  3. Add support for more system ringtones

  4. Add “Current Track Changed” event

  5. Add “Compose Note” action

  6. Add “Local Back” action

  7. Add “Battery” settings action

  8. Add clear switcher action on iOS 9

  9. Add “Answer Call” and “Disconnect Call” actions

  10. Add actions for specific pages of the Clock app

  11. Add increase and decrease brightness actions

  12. Add ability to specify sequence of assigned actions and to add delays between actions

  13. Add searching support to the event list

  14. New search implementation for iOS 8 and 9

  15. Make mail/message/phone actions show assigned contact photo

  16. Have multi-touch events cancel touch events by default on iOS 9 (and allow customization of this behavior)

  17. Use (unknown) as the action title for contact actions for which the contact has no name

  18. Use the more colorful system icons for many actions when running on iOS 9

  19. Adjust single press Touch ID event to wait for a second touch before dispatching

  20. Override Do Not Disturb when showing banners

  21. Allow setting “require unlock to activate” on a per-app basis

  22. Use proper mute behavior when volume button is held on iPad

  23. Adjust info button style on action list

  24. Delay notification and control centers while a swipe in event with an action assignment is pending

  25. Adjust behaviour of slide-in from bottom gestures with respect to the notification center

  26. Fix notification center coming down when using slide gestures on the lock screen

  27. Fix the back action in Facebook, among other apps

  28. Fix Usage settings action on iOS 9

  29. Fix Facebook icon on iOS 6

  30. Present action settings panes correctly when launched from the Settings app on iOS 6

  31. Fix eventsAssignedToListenerWithName: API to support compound assignments

  32. Back out any icon force touch gestures when an Activator force touch gesture is handled

  33. Load event metadata only on first use

  34. Avoid loading actions until they’re first requested

  35. Reduce code size and memory use at startup

  36. Reduce IPC overhead in settings pane

  37. Remove unused API support for large action icons

  38. Update localizations (thanks translators)

If you wish to try out this latest version of Activator, then you can get it free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo