Aeon MQ 8 Kodi 18 Skin Review

Aeon MQ 8 Kodi 18 Skin

aeon mq

Every once in a while you come across a Skin that makes you stop and take a long look. The Aeon MQ 7 was such a skin for me. Well looks like they’ve done it again with the Aeon MQ 8 for Kodi 18 skin.

The traditional Aeon MQ 8 has reached it’s eighth edition. Reformulated and simple to use with a new code that provides a lightweight and powerful skin.

The Aeon MQ 8 incorporates some new features such as Flexible Widgets 2nd Generation. It takes the main menu’s level of customization to something you’ve never seen before. Developed by MarcosQui, the most current version is 2.8.0

Installing Aeon MQ 8

  1. Step 1, select the Cog icon found in top left corner of the main home page.

  2. Step 2, Click on Interface.

  1. In Step 3, Highlight Skin, then move the cursor to the right and select Skin again.

  2. Step 4, Move the cursor to the right and click on Get more... Aeon MQ 8 will be found at the top of the next screen. Click to install.

aeon mq
  1. Photo A– After downloading, select Yes when prompted to accept the change.

  2. Photo B- At this point, the Skin needs to install a number of dependencies and settings for the skin to operate correctly. Normally this will take under a minute to complete, so sit back and watch the progress.

The Home Page

aeon mq

First of all, you’ll notice that this skin is configured towards using a keyboard. If you prefer to use a mouse or touch please do the following:

aeon mq
  1. Scroll either left or right until you see System and click.

  2. Select System/ Device Adjustment.

aeon mq
  1. Scroll down to INPUT.

  2. Move cursor to Enable Mouse and Touch Screen Support.

  3. Click anywhere in that area to Enable as shown in the photo above. Keep in mind that the keyboard is still enabled, you’ll just have more “pin point” control with the mouse/touch enabled.

While most skins have their own background photo media installed, nothing comes close (in my opinion) to Aeon MQ 8. So much so that I will leave them as is. But that’s entirely up to each individual user and their like and dislikes.


aeon mq

Using the down arrow or swiping down if using Touch, will enable the Sub Menu found under each Option Icon. Far to many to mention here as you can see, but there is a “Widget Manager”.

This can be accessed by hitting the Up Arrow on the keyboard as seen above. The same menu above will appear no matter what Icon you are in at the time.

TV Shows



Live TV


Favorites for Aeon MQ 8

aeon mq

Any media files you may have saved or designated as a Favorite will appear here. You may have already noticed the other options available in the Sub Menu. A few Power options as well as a shortcut to Customize Main Menu and Skin Settings.


Games Add-on Browser is a new feature found in Kodi 18 for all you gamers.

Aeon MQ 8 Programs

A very nice feature found in Aeon MQ 8 is the ease of accessing all of the Programs installed in your Kodi 18. In addition to Program Add-ons, you can open Video- Music- Game and Picture Add-ons. All at the touch of a button.



I happen to like to have the Weather Icon enabled. I particularly appreciate the options found in the Sub Menu that give me the option of getting a quick look of what to expect in my area. But that’s me. Enable this option or you may remove it completely in the Skin settings.


Because it’s labelled as Settings, I still refer to it as System. The heart and soul of your Kodi version. The above photo indicates what is available when the Sub Menu is activated. Another version of the same can be found at the top of this article under Home Page. The second photo shown is what you’ll see when Settings is selected instead of acquiring the Sub Menu.

Shutdown or Power Options

Just some of the many Shutdown or Power options available. Again, depending on what device you may be using, you may see a different selection compared to mine.


Extras ? A Bonus option. This may be removed via the Skin Settings if you have no idea (like me) what to use this for. The options are endless.

File Manager

aeon mq

Finally, using the File Manager has not changed at all. Just where it’s located and how it looks in each Skin. Which is the sole purpose of these articles. Giving you the user a first look at what is inside a new skin and letting you decide if it’s right for you. File Manager in Aeon MQ 8 is located in the Settings Sub Menu, select to continue.

Rather than explaining how to use File Manager, I’d just like to remind everyone to ensure the spelling and grammar are correct when entering the url source. As well as not forgetting to hit OK before exiting.

In Conclusion

First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article and while I do apologize for it’s length, I do feel that it was necessary. To do this Skin the justice it deserves, I’ve had to add some screenshots as a single photo unlike my other  reviews.

The Aeon MQ 8 is with out a doubt my favorite skin for Kodi 18/Leia. The background images are especially relevant to the Icon selected. The ease of accessing everything installed on my version is second to none. It’s clean, fast and easy to use. If you wish to learn more about this and many other skins from MarcosQui, here’s a link to their forum. You may need to have a translator installed as the site is from Brazil. Or here, MarcosQui website. Please stop by Geeks Corner for more topics of interest.

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