Aeon MQ7 Krypton Skin Review

Aeon MQ7 Skin for Krypton

The Aeon MQ7 is the Seventh Edition of the traditional Aeon MQ and has all the features present from previous versions. Consequently, these resources are optimized in order to provide a better user experience. Aeon MQ7 , you have never seen a Skin like it !

aeon mq7

While researching ideas for Tasso’s Tips©®, we occasionally come across a subject that really gets us excited. The Aeon MQ7 Skin is probably one of if not the best skin I have come across in a long time. So I plan on giving it the time and space it needs compared to previous skin reviews. But before we begin, a bit of background about this skin.

Developer and Mods of Aeon MQ7

Originally designed by MarcosQui for the Kodi Jarvis Build, it was further modified and currently maintained by Wanilton. The current version is and was last updated 06/22/2018. This MQ7 skin contains mods created by others skinners that need to be acknowledged for their work. Angelinas, Bumblebee, Dolguldur, Emiralles, JohnnyBee, latts9923, manfeed, Scott967, smitchell6879, thank you for your great work. Since the Aeon MQ7 Skin is not included (yet) in Kodi’s stable of skins, you will have to install it via zip file from their site found Here. Please follow the directions found at the bottom. Or use this link to download the zip file.

Before installing :

All of our Skin reviews are based on Krypton 17.6. If you have a newly installed version of krypton don’t forget to allow Unknown Sources by ;

  1. Click Settings (Cog Icon).

  2. Choose System Settings.

  3. Select Add-ons.

  4. Click Unknown Sources.

  5. A pop-up will appear.

“Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behavior, or damage to your device. Proceed?”

Confirming Aeon MQ7 Install

aeon mq7

Just a heads up when installing this skin. It may take up to 5 minutes or more depending on your ISP service, to install all the dependencies and add-ons required for the Aeon MQ7 Skin. So please be patient, go make a brew or your favorite adult beverage. When the skin add-on is fully installed, you will be asked “to switch to this skin”. Select YES.

aeon mq7

As a result, you will see the above screen, select YES to continue. Yes it reads No in the photo above, I was slow in taking the screenshot, my bad. I was just exited to continue ! ☺

Aeon MQ7 Home Page

So before we get into the details here, as you know, all my screenshots are made on my PC. As a result, some of the options shown may not be what you see on your Android device. Because I wanted to ensure the Aeon MQ7 skin will be compatible with a Remote/Game Controller, I immediately installed this skin on my Nvidea Shield. I can confidently say it performed just as well as it did using a keyboard/mouse.

aeon mq7

The first Home Page Menu you will see is Movies, Photo A.

  1. Photo A – Movies– I have shown the list of Sub-menus in order to save time and space. To accomplish this, use the Down button on your remote/controller or hit the Down directional key is using a keyboard. As you can see, the options are endless. Probably the most comprehensive sub-menu found in any skin.

  2. Photo B – TV Shows – Mush the same as Movies, the Sub-menu gives you access to number of options that you can configure in skin settings.

Concerts and Music

aeon mq7
  1. Photo C – Concerts– Another menu that I’ve not seen before. If you are into Concerts and want to have easy access to them, then this is for you. If not, you can easily remove this menu option in skin settings.

  2. Photo D – Music– Music plays a big part in my life so I really like this option. It has all I need to find to play my Music Files. If you’re interested in loading your personal music files, see this link.

Live TV and Radio

aeon mq7
  1. Photo E – Live TV– Because this option requires the installation of a pvr backend, I will refer you to these links from Kodi Wiki. Geeks Corner does not codon the use of illegal 3rd party add-ons, please observe your local laws. Link 1, Link 2.

  2. Photo F – Radio – Same as TV Shows, you must install an add-on to use this option. See this Link. If you’re not interested in either of these two options, you can reconfigure what is shown in the Main Menu bar in Skin Settings.

Favorites and Games

aeon mq7
  1. Photo G – Favorites – First of all, while the appearance of the background is amazing, the menu options are the same as others. Therefore to find any Favorites you may have saved, simply select favorites and those will appear in a separate screen.

  2. Photo H – Games – If you are into ROM Games, you may like this option. Briefly, to set this up after clicking on Games, you will see “Rom Collection Browser”. Of course you need to set one up, select Yes where it asks if “you wish to create one”.

Programs and Images

aeon mq7
  1. Photo I – Programs – Another great feature of this skin is the ability to access not only the programs found in Kodi but what is also installed on your android device. To see the list, simply click on Programs where a new screen will then show what you have installed. These are listed in alphabetical order.

  2. Photo J – Images – Images or Pictures when selected will offer you a list of any photos you may have uploaded and their file name. These may also be found by accessing the sub-menu.

Weather and Settings

aeon mq7
  1. Photo K – Weather – If you have the Weather Add-on enabled, this is a great example of what to expect. But, there’s a bit of a surprise here. The weather for each day shown above are animated. Really cool idea, I’ll let those of you who try this skin discover this on your own. It’s the default setting so there’s nothing you need to do. I use the Yahoo Weather Add-on, how to install this can be found here.

  2. Photo L – Settings – Probably the most important menu you should be familiar with in Kodi. This is the “Soul” of your Kodi, it is where you can personalize the settings to your needs. Since the Sub-menu is just a shortcut to various settings, clicking on Settings will open a new window with a more detailed selection to choose from.

Extras Menu

aeon mq7

I have to be honest with you all here. I have no clue what so ever what this could be used for. While it is new to me, I will certainly do some research and update any information I may find. There is a forum that may be of interest to some of you. it does deal with the Aeon MQ7 Skin, but you will need to have a translator installed on your devices browser as it is in Brazilian.

Add-on Browser in Aeon MQ7

aeon mq7

In addition to other options shown in the sub-menu of Settings, ADD-ONS is where you will find the Add-on Browser. Select to continue.

aeon mq7
  1. Photo M – The next screen you will see is the Add-on Browser. This will give you access to any repositories you may have installed a s well as all the add-ons found in your version of kodi. Install from Zip File is where you would find the skin Zip File you downloaded earlier. Make sure you have access to the location where it was downloaded. (for those who were not sure)

  2. Photo N – Another nice option found in this skin is the ability to Check for Updates. It’s very important to make sure the add-ons and repos you have installed are up to date. The Devs make changes to ensure their creations are working properly, failure to keep these up to date is a major cause of errors.

File Manager

aeon mq7

Because File manager is located in the same area as Add-on Browser, please refer to that photo.

  1. Select File manager located in the sub-menu under Settings.

  2. Click on Add source. Photo O.

  3. In Photo P, select None to continue.

aeon mq7

Using the provided keyboard or if you have one enabled, trust me it’s much faster, to enter the URL source. When positive the spelling is correct, select Done to continue. You will then be asked to name the source, simply repeat as above.

Flexible Widgets Option

aeon mq7

Finally, one last option to show you. With the exception of Settings, when you use the Up button on your Remote/Controller or the Up Directional Key on the keyboard you will see a new group of settings. As far as I can surmise here, any changes made here are for the Menu Option you happen to be in at the time. For example, while in Movies, you able to adjust/change/remove selected Widgets that are used in Movies. If you wish to remove any changes made, click on NONE-CLEAR found under Widgets Management in the first column.

In Conclusion

First of all, I must admit I now have a new Favorite Skin to use. The Aeon MQ7 in my opinion is by far the best skin available. The background images are stunning, the skin options available are superior to all others. Ease of use is most important for me any ways, especially if like me you prefer to use a keyboard to get around. To all the Devs and Mods who have perfected the Aeon MQ7 Skin, I bow to your excellent work. I hope you all enjoyed this article as much as I did in researching and testing this skin. Give it try, you won’t be sorry.

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