Aeon Tajo Kodi 18 Skin Review

aeon tajo

Aeon Tajo Skin

Aeon Tajo is the latest skin we’re reviewing in our series of Kodi 18 Skins. Inspired on Aeon Nox 5, with thanks to BigNoid,  it changes everything so nothing changes. Authored by manfeed, the most current version is 1.3.9.

Installing Aeon Tajo Skin

There are two ways to download this skin. The easiest method is to install the skin using the skin Interface.

Step 1.– Select the Cog Icon located at the top left corner of the home page of Kodi 18.

Step 2.– Scroll down to Interface and select.

Step 3.– While highlighting Skin, move the cursor to the right and click on Skin. You will notice that the skin currently in use will always be seen here. In this case, the Estuary Skin.

Step 4.– Move the cursor to the right and select Get more to continue.

aeon tajo

Step 5.– Scroll down to Aeon Tajo and click to install. Wait for the download / installation to finish.

Step 6.– Once completed, you will be prompted to keep the change, select Yes to continue. While most skins are available, occasionally some may not be appear after searching in get more. If this happens to you, you can download and install the zip file for Aeon Tajo Skin via File Manager from this link.

Aeon Tajo Home Page

Music, Movies, TV Shows and Live TV

aeon tajo
  1. Photo A- Music shows a sub menu that will appear after you select the down arrow on the keyboard or down button on the remote. There you will find Files – Add-ons – Library. These are shortcuts if you have any Music installed or downloaded to your library.

  2. Photo B- Movies, also has a sub menu tho different from Music, it serves the same purpose. It’s a shortcut.

  3. In Photo’s C and D, TV Shows & Live TV there are no sub menus present.

Videos, Games, Apps and System

aeon tajo
  1. Photo E- Videos sub menu has Add-ons-Files-Playlists-Library. If you have downloaded or have stored some of your personal Videos, they can be accessed here.

  2. Photo F- Games. A sub menu will be visible once you install/download any games.

  3. Photo G- Apps, or also known as Add-ons. Will give you access to your Music-Video- Add-on Browser- Program and Picture Add-ons when the sub menu is selected.

  4. Photo H- SystemSystem Info- Event Log- Skin Settings- File Manager and Profiles are found in this sub menu.

Power, Favorites and Weather

aeon tajo
  1. Photo I- Power. First of all, what you see here may not be what you see when the Power Icon sub menu is selected. These screenshots were acquired using a PC, so the options shown here are related to my PC. Consequently, if using an Android device you may see different power options. Shown here are Power Off SystemRebootSuspendHibernate– and Quit.

  2. Photo J- Favorites. If you have saved or designated any media Files as a Favorite, they will appear in the highlighted area shown.

  3. Photo K- Weather.

  4. Photo L– After selecting the Weather Icon, the next page you’ll see is the current (or overview) weather conditions for the location you have selected. Furthermore, you will also see 10 day Forecast- 36 Hour Forecast- Weekend and Hourly Forecasts.

aeon tajo

The above Photo is an example of what you’ll see when selecting the Power Icon directly. Two more options are found there: Settings and Favorites. Lots of shortcuts are available in this skin.

Concerts and Pictures

Photo’s M & N are pretty straightforward and need no explanation.


aeon tajo

Accessing System is as easy as… well clicking on the System Icon ! As a result, you will be able to adjust a few more settings that are not customarily found in the Sub-menu. You will notice at the bottom of the page there is a brief description of what each separate icon has available.

Add-on Browser

To open the Add-on Browser:

  1. Under the APPS Icon, enable the Sub-menu and click on Add-on browser.

  2. In addition to My Add-ons, you will also find Install from repository, Install from zip file and Search.

File Manager

  1. Select File manger from the Sub-menu from the System Icon.

  2. Click on Add source and then on None (not shown, sorry my bad)

  3. Enter the url source and select Done when completed. Make sure you have entered the url address correctly. This includes periods . commas , and a common mistake ( i confess to this one) not adding the second forward slash /. A simple mistake will cause an error not allowing that url source to be entered.

  4. You will then be asked to give the source a name. Give it a name you will remember or is appropriate to the url name and click on OK to exit. See the photo below for Steps 3 & 4.

aeon tajo

How to remove GUI Audio in Aeon Tajo Skin

aeon tajo

I actually came across this by accident. I don’t normally have the sound on my PC when researching these skins. But I happened to try a Movie File and when I increased the volume, I heard a secondary audio. Having never experienced this before, I discovered there was a melody playing in the background.

While pleasant, I really didn’t want it enabled (it turns off automatically when a Movie or Audio File starts) If you wish to disable this feature, please do the following steps:

  1. Select the SYSTEM Icon.

  2. Click on INTERFACE.

  3. Highlight SKIN.

  4. Move the Cursor to the RIGHT and DOWN to CONFIGURE SKIN.

  5. In HOME WINDOW, move to the right and scroll DOWN to “Don’t play melodies while in Home Screen” as shown above.

  6. Click anywhere in the area to disable the radio bar as shown.

  7. And you’re done.

In Conclusion

The Aeon Tajo Skin is an easy skin to use and get around within Kodi 18 and has become one of my favorite skins to use. Pleasant on the eyes, can be used with either a remote or a Mouse / Keyboard combination. Which is what I prefer, but that’s personal and may not be right for you. We don’t try to show you how to set up a skin, that’s entirely up to you. If you wish to know more about setting up a skin in Kodi please try this link here or here. Thank you for reading this article. For more interesting articles on Android or iOS topics please visit us at Geeks Corner.

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