A year ago we saw AeroTV launch and helped bring streaming of multiple channels to users for free, the history with the app wasn’t the best as rivalry and accusations between them and livebox lead to the app closing down.

A few months back we received contact from them informing us that they were under a new team and brining the ap back, we got a beta and tested it out.

Without Livebox to contend with I think AeroTV will be a good hit with users however, if your looking for constant stable streams I wouldn’t get your hopes up to high as a free app can only produce so much, thankfully Live Wire has you covered with a premium version that has stable streams that I would stake my bet that you would prefer, this doesn’t however take away from the fact that AeroTV is still a good app that has a great UI and does a nice job when the streams are working. You can pretty much guarantee that once a public release is out all major signing services will offer this app.