Airbeam allows you to mirror your iDevice to LG/Samsung TV

AirBeamTV has launched an iOS app that allows you to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to a Samsung or LG television without the need for an Apple TV box.

Airbeam has built two separate apps depending on the TV you have and both are priced at £4.99, they do have a Mac version for £9.99.

Unfortunately there are a few bad points to both of these apps one is that there is between a one and three seconds of delay, the other downside is that these apps won’t work for DRM-enabled apps, like Netflix.

If those limitations weren’t a deal killer you may want to also note that you don’t get any audio when mirroring from Safari.

You can purchase the apps for your iPhone / iPad for Samsung here or LG here.

If you would rather a Mac version you can grab your Samsung app here.