AirPods can now activate Android Assistant

Since the launch of AirPods, its been a known fact that these will work with other branded smartphones as well as the intended iDevices, one downside to using AirPods on an Android device is the inability to trigger the Assistant.

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Thankfully an Android developer has created an app that overcomes this issue. AirPods for GA is designed to give AirPods the ability to trigger Google Assistant, it does this by using the same shortcut used to trigger Siri when connected to iOS, a quick double tap on either AirPod and triggers the Assistant using Android’s media button events.

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Unfortunately, if the screen is unlocked, the currently running application will take over that event, meaning it probably won’t trigger Google Assistant. However, the developer does say that the app should reliably trigger Assistant when the phone is locked.

You can download AirPods for GA by DotArrow Inc for free directly from here.