AirPods revised by Apple ahead of Tuesday’s event

AirPods have been in short supply since launch and only recently has the shipping time improved to between 1-2 weeks upon ordering, however after yesterdays leaked iOS 11 Golden Master (Final Version) there have been a slew of information found which tell us what we can expect to see from Apple on their Event this coming Tuesday.

AirPods Update

One find by developer Steven Troughton-Smith is the animation that will be displayed on the AirPods card when the user opens the case near their iPhone, the animation is slightly different as it shows a power indicator light on the outside of the case instead on inside which makes more sense, the internal hardware identification number for AirPods has also been bumped from “AirPods1,1” to “AirPods1,2”, which indicates that a minor revision.

Personally I think the change is practical but I’m not sure if I like it visually, the change could be the reason why the current waiting times have decreased as Apple is most likely trying to clear old stock to make way for the new version. Hopefully this change won’t mean that there will be a six weeks waiting like the first generation AirPods.

There have been rumours that Apple will include AirPods along with the purchase of their new high end “iPhone X” which is rumoured to cost in the region of $1,000, personally I don’t think Apple would include these as the individual sales of AirPods helps to increase their sales revenue.

After purchasing AirPods I like the freedom of no wires and I have been hoping Apple would make some improvements on them however a small change like this is not what I was hoping for, I am still holding out for a Black version which I personally think would look fantastic however Apple’s signature earphones have always been white so only time will tell.

If you want to watch the Apple Event below is a list of Event times based on your location, let us know if you prefer the new adjustments to the AirPods and if this change is enough to make you purchase a set.

Apple World Event Times

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