AirPower mat and AirPods version 2 expected to release September 12th (rumour)

It’s been almost a year since Apple unveiled their AirPower Mat and version 2 of their AirPods with wireless charging. Since Apple announced these new products we have seen very little regarding their release however, many are speculating that Apple will launch these on September 12th 2018 the same day as their event to unveiled the new iPhone and Apple Watch.

AirPower Mat

Apple didn’t give an official release date for the AirPower Mat just that it would be late 2018 and we are almost at the end of the year, Apple has seen several delays in their products including the original AirPods and even the HomePod.


AirPods have been a massive success since they launched and version 2 offered a new case capable of being wirelessly charged using the AirPower Mat.

Let us know if you think Apple will release these new products, or if they will even mention them in the Event itself.