Alphabet announces Q1 revenue of $41.16 billion

Alphabet has today announced Q1 2020 earnings of $41.16 billion in revenue. Compared to Q1 in 2019 revenue is up 13% from $36.33 billion. Alphabet has an operating income at $7.97 billion and net income of $6.84 billion for this quarter.

Following Alphabets decision last quarter’s to provide granular earnings data, YouTube ad revenue was $4.04 billion, while Cloud $2.78 billion in Q1 2020.

The “Google’s other revenues” which includes hardware, Play Store, and non-advertising YouTube revenues reported $4.44 billion, compared to $3.62 billion the same quarter last year (now excluding Cloud).

The closely-watched “Other Bets” continues to lose money. It reported $135 million revenue primarily generated by Verily and Fiber from $172 million last quarter. However, it lost $1.12 billion compared to $868 million in Q1 2019. Following today’s announcement the stock is up around 4% in after-hours trading.