Amazon announces new Echo’s

Amazon has announced the fourth-generation of its main Echo smart speaker. Amazon is currently dominating the smart home market and now they are bringing a new spherical design and better sound performance.

As impressive as the new design is what’s even better Amazon’s AZ1 Neural Edge silicon which is for on-device speech recognition module that will locally process your audio on the Echo itself, making your requests faster than ever before.

The AZ1 will process the audio of your voice requests using local machine learning speech recognition algorithms before sending the command to the cloud saving time.

Amazon will work with Sidewalk, the company’s local networking system. The new device will feature a built-in Zigbee smart home hub.

Amazon has also unveiled a new Echo Show 10 that has a screen which turns to face you as you move around. The show 10 has a 10-inch brighter screen. 13-megapixel camera which pans and zooms.

The event is on going.