Amazon Echo users can get Free Music

Amazon is currently the fastest growing music service and it is expected to grow even more as UK users who do not have Prime membership or a subscription to Amazon Music will be able to listen to a selection of playlists and stations for free on Alexa-enabled devices.

The service will be supported by adverts, however, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed:

“We want to get as many people listening to music in a way that makes them want more,” Amazon Music UK director Paul Firth told Music Week. “Once people start streaming, over time they will stream more and more and become more engaged.

“We know that what we do with Alexa is innovative,” Firth continued. “If you are able to use technology like that to make it easier for people to find music, that’s brilliant. It’s allowing us to bring more and more people into music streaming, and that’s what we’re excited about.”

Amazon Music has reportedly amassed 32 million subscribers, whilst Spotify has 100 million and Apple Music’s 60 million subscribers.