Amazon Prime Day

Every year Amazon offers a prime day, where you can get some fantastic deals on products, over a 30-hour period to those who are members of its subscription service. This year, Amazon is holding Prime Day earlier this year, deals will actually start at 6pm on Monday, July 10. If you aren’t a prime member you can sign up for a 30 day free trial and still get these deals, to sign up simply click the logo below.

Some great deals are up for grabs and if your not sure what to buy why not grab some gift cards.

One Deal that I will be taking advantage of is the Amazon Dash button which usually costs £4.99 (which is taken off your first order), is reduced to £1.99 so I’ll be stocking up on some coffee.

Now if you haven’t tried Amazon Prime check it out simply click on any of the banners and get directed straight to some amazing deals.