Amber Skin Review

Amber Skin Review


Amber Skin for kodi was developed by the talented Jester, Joethepartylion and Pecinko. Originally created to use some textures from Mediastream and Aeon skins, furthermore, there is no bloatware. Just your media with an easy to use interface.

As a result, it can be used on any device and is mouse/keyboard/remote control friendly. Some may not like the background colour, but it really is “easy” on the eyes.

How to Install the Amber Skin

All of our Skin reviews are based on Krypton 17.6. If you have a newly installed version of krypton don’t forget to allow Unknown Sources by ;

  1. Click Settings (Cog Icon).

  2. Choose System Settings.

  3. Select Add-ons.

  4. Click Unknown Sources.

  5. A pop-up will appear.

“Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behavior, or damage to your device. Proceed?”


From the Kodi Home page:

  1. Photo A, Select the Cog Icon.

  2. Then click on Interface settings as indicated in Photo B.

  1. In Photo A, hover the cursor over Skin.

  2. Slide the cursor to the right and click on Skin.

  3. In Photo B, select get more… to load more skins.


After selecting Amber Skin, wait for it to install. First of all, it does not take long to install but when completed, you will be asked to “keep this change”. Select YES.

Amber Interface and Settings Menu


Because this is the initial install of a new skin, the next two pages you see will only appear once. In the this photo, you will see the Interface Menu. Exiting this or any other page can be achieved by hitting the back button on the remote/controller, ESC on keyboard or right click on mouse if you have these enabled. Or if you are using a PC/Laptop with kodi installed.


The next screen is Settings. Probably the most used and important menu you will need to know.

Amber Skin Home Page Menus


Maybe the background images and colour are not your cup of tea, these can be changed in the Skin Settings. I kind of like them both, but that’s just me. So moving clockwise from top left we have:

  1. Videos.

  2. Movies.

  3. TV Shows. All three have the same Sub-Menu; Playlists, Files and Update Library.

  4. Music. If you have installed any of your personal Music, the Sub-menu will also include Recent Played-Playlists-Browse-Albums-Artists-etc. If you want to install your music files, see this link.


The next group of Menus are, clockwise from top left:

  1. Music Videos. This is new and I have never used it before, so have a go and let us know how you make out. Sub-menu of Playlists, Files and Update Library. These all apply to any personal Files you have installed.

  2. Favorites. Any favorites you may have saved from Movies, TV Shows, etc. will appear here.

  3. Weather. When enabled, the city you have chosen will provide the details in this menu.

  4. Settings. One of the few areas located through out the skin that gives you access to Settings. The Sub-menus are Amber Settings-Interface-Profiles-Reload Skin.

Quit or Power Button


The Quit or also known as the Power Button when selected will open a new window. Unlike other skins that we have done a review on, the selection here is straight and to the point. Quit-(exits Kodi only) Suspend (depends on what device you are using)-Shutdown (shuts down the system as well as kodi)-RebootSettings. One of the other methods used to access Settings.

and Finally

  1. Pictures. Any personal Pictures/Photos uploaded will appear here.

  2. Add-ons. Sub-menu gives you access to Programs-Video-Music-Pictures-Add-on Browser.

File Manager


To Access File Manager:

  1. Select Settings in the Home Page.

  2. Highlight Interface Settings.

  3. In the Sub-menu located to the right, click File Manager.

  4. When the photo above appears, select Add Source to continue.


Click <None> in the next screen.


Finally, in the next screen pop up, type the URL address using the provided keyboard. If you happen to have a wireless or built in keyboard, that will work as well. After you are sure the spelling is correct, click DONE. Repeat when asked to Name the source.

Amber Add-on Browser


There are two ways to access Add-on Browser :

  1. You can open the Add-on Browser the same way you opened File manager as shown above. The difference is selecting Add-ons.

  2. The other way and probably the fastest is while in the Home Page, highlight Add-ons. From the Sub-menu, to the far right is Add-on Browser. Simply click to open.


Consequently, either method will open the above menu where you will be able to inspect, enable/disable your add-ons. Install from a repository or zip file. Or just do a simple search.

In Conclusion

The Amber Skin is a very easy skin to use. Simple, clean and fast. If you are interested in becoming more familiar with Skins and how to set-up/change their settings, try these links here and here. I hope you enjoyed this article, please stop by geekscorner for more informative topics.

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