Android watches could get more powerful and slimmer

Currently most of Android Wear smartwatches are powered by the Snapdragon 400 system-on-chip, which were originally designed for smartphones and tablets. Qualcomm wants to makes things more effective and has announced it is replacing the Snapdragon 400 with this with the newly-announced Snapdragon Wear 2100.

Android Wearable

The Wear 2100 is 30 percent smaller than the Snapdragon 400 and uses 25 percent less power this will allow for slimmer smartwatches that will also have longer battery life.

If that wasn’t enough Qualcomm has also announced the first commercial gigabit LTE modem for mobile devices called the X16 and are banking on a future with faster connection by oasting that the X16 is capable of 1 Gbps speeds which is far off by today’s standards.

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Sponsored by Blueleaf Hosting