Animoto Hacked

Animoto which allows users to make video slideshows has contacted its customers to inform them that their servers were hacked and customer information may have been obtained. Animoto has apps available in both the iOS AppStore and Google Playstore.

In an email they mention how much they value your privacy, however the hack took place on July 10th which means it took over a month to inform its customers.

Anime writes:

“What Happened? On July 10, 2018, we received an alert of unusual activity on our system. We immediately stopped all suspicious activity and launched an investigation with the support of outside forensics experts. On August 6, 2018, we confirmed that the activity was unauthorized, and that user data may have been obtained. While we cannot confirm that data was removed from our systems or that your information was affected, we wanted to let you know about this incident out of an abundance of caution.”

What Information Was Involved?

Animoto have determined that the data may have included first name, last name, username (your email address), hashed and salted passwords, geolocation, gender, and date of birth. While the passwords were hashed and salted (a method used to secure passwords with a key), it’s unclear whether or not the key was accessed. Complete payment card data was stored in a separate system and was not accessed. To date, Animoto has no evidence of any actual or attempted fraudulent misuse of information as a result of this incident.

Animoto advises all customers to update their passwords immediately and if you use the same or a similar password for other online accounts or email, we recommend you change your password or take other appropriate steps to protect those accounts or email addresses as well.