AntRec-HD by Evan Hurst

I like to use a screen recorder to help demonstrate a tweak I’ve been using and also I’ve started using them for my YouTube channel.

There are two problems I’ve had so far. Firstly iRec which I love has been crashing every time I stop a recording and doesn’t save so makes it unusable.

Secondly screen recorder from Cydia makes all other apps that play sound including music, video snapchat etc play extremely quietly even when the tweak is not in use so I have to uninstall it and only install it when I need to record which is an absolute nightmare.

Today it seems as though my prayers have been answered with the launch of Ant Rec-HD, granted I’ve only tested it for 20 minutes but so far it works perfectly and I look forward to using it over the next several weeks.

If you like to use screen recorders then check out this free tweak from the BigBoss repo.