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The Signal app has received a lot of press coverage recently after WhatsApp updated their Terms & Conditions and today Signal has issued a new app update to make the app even more user friendly.

Version 5.3

What's New

Chat wallpapers have arrived! Choose unique wallpapers for individual chats (you may as well type on a heart-filled wallpaper if they're your type on paper) or just set one default background for everyone if your patience is wallpaper thin.

This update includes support for animated stickers along with the first official animated Signal sticker pack, "Day by Day" by Miguel Angel Camprubi. You can create your own APNG animated sticker packs in Signal Desktop, and now you can share sticker packs with multiple chats too!

Optionally tell your friends what's going on or share something new "About" yourself in your Signal Profile.

If they're a big deal to you, tap on their profile photo to see them in a full-screen view.

New setting to lower data usage for calls.

Automatically pause attachment downloads while a call is in progress. Deciding to wait doesn't need to feel like such a weight because you can pause and resume attachment downloads whenever you want.

We improved image compression and quality so larger-than-life memories are always just the right size.

Expanded chat list previews display the sender's name in group chats so it's easier to decide which threads to look at first. Signal chats can now be displayed as suggestions when sharing from other apps. This setting can be enabled or disabled at anytime.

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