App Update News – Halide & Carrot Weather


Welcome to our new series where we discuss prominent app updates. Not all app updates are worth talking about but sometimes an update will bring some great features.


The Halide App gives you more control over your photos so you get better professional results.

What’s New

THE BIG IPHONE 11 UPDATE, This update takes full advantage of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.


We’ve come up with a fast, intuitive way to switch between the Wide, Ultra Wide, and Telephoto cameras on the iPhone Pro. Of course you can just tap on the lens button in the lower right to cycle through your options, as you’ve done before. Now you can also Haptic-Touch the button to bring up your choices.

What makes our switcher really unique is that once you’re familiar with the menu, you can press-and-flick from the lens button to quickly change lenses. We think this is a fast, natural way to switch lenses, and you’ll dig how it feels.

Try swiping up from the switcher to go directly to the 2x lens, or swipe left to get that ultra-wide view on iPhone 11 Pro.


With three cameras, you have even more composition options than ever. With this freedom comes more choices, and our lens guides are here to help you out.

When you tap and hold to open our lens switcher, we show guides in the viewfinder to help you visualize what would get cropped at each focal length.


On both iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, you can now capture depth with the wide angle lens! Just tap the depth button, and then tap the lens button as before.


This update features our first version of Smart RAW for iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. Expect us to tweak this in the future to get even better RAW files from these amazing cameras.


You may notice that the ultra wide camera does support manual focus or RAW capture. This is not a bug. The ultra wide camera has fixed focus. At this time, iOS does not support RAW on that camera. If that changes in the future, we’ll absolutely update Halide to support it.


Don’t fret, non-upgraders: we have you covered too. This update brings minor fixes and enhancements for all phones including a whopping speed increase for viewing RAW files in the reviewer.

If you have any feedback about Halide or run into bugs, we’re always listening and ready to help. The best way to contact us is — comments, questions and praise are always welcome.

Don’t forget to tag your photos #ShotWithHalide to be featured on our Instagram!

CARROT Weather

Carrot Weather is a snarky weather app for your iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad.

What’s New

Autumn’s rolling in, meatbags! And much like the farmers in their pesticide-soaked fields full of mutant crops, I’ve reaped a bountiful harvest full of goodies for you to enjoy.

Siri Shortcuts (iOS 13 only)

Use parameters and outputs to create crazy-powerful shortcuts in the Shortcuts app! My new “Get Weather Report” shortcut can take locations as input and spit out weather data as output, which can then be used in the next steps of your workflows.

iPad Multiwindow (iOS 13 only)

Open my weather maps in a separate window on your iPad so you can check my radar while you use the main app window to browse through weather data. If you’re a Tier 3 member, you can even use this side-by-side look every time you launch the app.

Dark Mode (iOS 13 only)

Paint me black with an enhanced Dark Mode that follows the new system-wide display settings.

Tinted Complications (watchOS 6 only)

My Apple Watch complications have been updated to look great with the spiffy new tint colors introduced with the new watchOS 6 watch faces.

But wait, that’s not all!

– Added air quality index and expanded short-term precipitation forecast coverage for ClimaCell users.

– Added two new secret locations and a new achievement.

– Added high + low custom combination option for circle and corner complications.

– Made circle and corner complications for precipitation chance, humidity, and cloud cover easier to read.

This version also includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements (or, as I like to call them, “fixes to cover up my Maker’s stupidity”). Now go start gathering nuts for the winter. I’ve got a cold one planned for you.