App update News – Nano for Reddit & Google Assistant

Welcome to our new series where we discuss prominent app updates. Not all app updates are worth talking about but sometimes an update will bring some great features.



-Entirely new Ul

– Profile pages

– Subscriptions page with sections for favorites, multireddits, subscriptions, etc.

– Compose Posts

一 Wiki support

– r/Random support

– Complications for Utilitarian Small, Utilitarian Small Flat, Circular Small, and many more

– Browse profile posts

– Browse profile comments

– Troubleshooting support options


– Subreddits not syncing on the first load.

– Text not reaching the edges on newer

Apple Watches.


– Default subreddits have been moved to the watch settings

– I’ve had to remove Turkish and Danish translations (for now).

Google Assistant

Siri Shortcuts has been added so you can use Siri to activate the Google assistant making it possible to do even more useful things.