App update News – Outcast for the Apple Watch and more

Welcome to our new series where we discuss prominent app updates. Not all app updates are worth talking about but sometimes an update will bring some great features.

Outcast for Watch

First up Outcast for Watch has issued a big update, which adds the following:

Background Audio

Playback uses the new background audio modes, resulting in a far more reliable experience. This means double-tapping to pause/resume with your AirPods will work as expected!

Volume Control

You can now control the volume directly from Outcast on Apple Watch. Note that we wanted to keep the scrubbing with Digital Crown option, so tap the volume control to adjust it.

Episode Management

You can now manage your episodes on directly on your iPhone. The list of episodes will sync automatically to your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Complications

If you add Outcast to your watch face as a complication, you’ll see information about the currently playing episode, including the remaining duration in real-time. On supported watch faces, you will see full-color podcast artwork.

Siri Shortcuts

If you use the Siri face on Apple Watch, downloaded episodes will appear so you can quickly begin playback.

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WaterMinder has also added Siri Shortcuts, but more interestingly on the new watchOS 5 Siri Face you will be able to see cup suggestions. Your preferred cup will be used for the suggestion making it easy to log water when it is time.

Nano for Reddit

Nano for reddit is by the same developer as chirp and has now brings support for new screen sizes.

We hope you have found this section useful and we will continue this series in the future.