App Update News - Overcast


Welcome to App update news where we discuss prominent app updates. Not all app updates are worth talking about but sometimes an update will bring some great features.


For anyone who has followed our blogs over the years know we are a big fan of the Podcast app Overcast. A Brand New update to the highly popular podcast player Overcast provides a significant redesign of the Apple Watch app.

Overcast’s upgrade reorganises the app UI from top to bottom, adding certain functionality that otherwise were only able to be viewed from the phone edition. The main screen has wider buttons for settings and syncing above a rotating display of your shows and links to the “now playing” screen. The wider buttons make taping easier when on the go.

The Apple Watch support is noteworthy at this time because other third-party software production for the Apple Watch is generally left behind despite the fact that the Apple Watch itself continues to rise in popularity. The version for this update is 2021.1.