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Welcome to our new series where we discuss prominent app updates. Not all app updates are worth talking about but sometimes an update will bring some great features.

Watch Player

Watch Player is a dedicated podcast player for the Apple Watch and this update brings the app to version 4.0 – Expansion of the player on the Apple Watch with features that watchOS 5 offers

– Maintenance of all functionalities also for older

Apple Watch

– Transfer from iPhone to Apple Watch is displayed on the iPhone as a percentage

– CarPlay

Gymatic workout tracker

Gymatic workout tracker is a popular workout app and has now been updated – Music control right from the app (swipe to the leftmost page in FreeForm or Guided mode) on WatchOS5

– The biggest motion detection algorithm update. The detection algorithm now runs 300 times faster, and it is more accurate than before. The detection accuracy has passed a large wearable maker’s stringent accuracy requirement. Faster algorithm means a) it will consume less of your watch battery, b) if you have many tens or even hundreds of motion programmed, you may have encountered crashes due to CPU limit, and those crashes will be gone in this version.

Warning: because of the motion algorithm update, we made slight change to the motion database format. We are unable to do 100% perfect conversion from the old format, so for some motions, you may have to train it one more time.

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We hope you have found this section useful and we will continue this series in the future.