App Update News – SongShift

Welcome to our new series where we discuss prominent app updates. Not all app updates are worth talking about but sometimes an update will bring some great features.


What’s New

*** This is a major update. We’ve had to make some changes to how Shifts are made. Due to these changes, Shift configurations made in previous versions are not compatible. They will be marked as “Legacy”. ***

Now, onto the new things we were able to pack into this update.

Better Matching

Starting with the most important part, we’ve reworked matching to be smarter and faster. Although there’s nothing wrong with the Now series or similar compilations, we understand these albums are not the best match. You’ll no longer get matches to these compilation albums when it should have matched the artist’s album.

Match Review

We want everyone to be happy with the results of their transfers. Processing transfers without previously confirming the matches does not provide that experience.

So in this version, before doing any changes to your library, you’ll now be prompted to confirm the matches the app chose. With Match Review, you’ll quickly be able to fix any matches we weren’t able to find and those we inadvertently matched wrong.

Expanded Media Support

SongShift has notably been useful in transferring your playlists between music services. While this is great, it left behind being able to transfer your library albums and songs. These are both now supported as well:)

Direct Link Importing

Get links sent to you from other services or find music online? You’ll now be able to use our new Share Sheet action to quickly import links into SongShift for processing.

Streamlined UI

We’ve refined our Ul all around to be clearer and more straight forward. Instead of having sections for “Recent Shifts”,

“Recommended Shifts”, and “Start a New Shift”, you’ll now have a single list of all your Shifts available. This makes it quicker to see the status of all your Shifts and take action when needed.

To start a new Shift, you’ll now be tapping a floating button at the bottom of the home page. This will take you to the Shift Configuration page where you’ll be able to add new Shifts for albums, playlists, and songs. If you have a supported link in your clipboard, it will also be available to add here.

AutoSync has been renamed to “Monitor”. We wanted to be clearer that AutoSync was only checking for new additions but still needs the app to be launched to transfer. Monitoring a media source ensures new additions are recognized but you’ll still need to launch the app. For now.

Other notable UI changes are the new icons and improved themes.