Appkettle closes leaving Customers in the dark

The company behind the smart kettle appkettle made a name for itself by creating a product that worked natively with the Amazon echo, and with Google home using ifttt has closed its doors without any acknowledgement to its customers. The company had gained mixed reviews over the years with multiple server outages and app updates that broke the service on multiple occasions.

We previously reviewed the product mentioned that whilst the idea was a fantastic concept the company had a massive problem that caused the kettle to boil over out of control despite the kettle showing the user had plenty of room left in the kettle.

Unsurprisingly the company's service customer wasn't very good and at times hostile towards customers seeking help. The company website has disappeared completely and so has their Facebook page, all that remains is the company's Twitter account which hasn't had a tweet since 2019.

Normally we wouldn't cover a small company closing, however, the kettle is still widely available across the web including the retail giant Amazon. For anyone looking at getting into the smart home scene please avoid purchasing app-kettle because it is unclear when it will stop working completely