Apple adds Apple Watch to it’s recycling program in the US

Apple has for some time offered a recycling program for it’s iPhones, iPad and Macs where users can get a balance either on a gift card or towards a new Apple product. The Apple Watch has been available to be recycled responsibly but there hasn’t been any cash incentive until now. Apple has now added the series 0, series 1 and series 2 to their recycling program in the US.

The Apple Watch must be in a working condition which means the device powers on, the enclosure is in good condition, there are no obvious signs of liquid damage, the display is in good condition, and the buttons are operational. Apple does allow for normal wear and tear when it comes to the display and the enclosure. For devices that are damaged in some way, Apple offers free recycling through Brightstar, but no gift card.

Gift cards are available for original Apple Watch models, Apple Watch Series 1 models, and Apple Watch Series 2 models, with Apple offering between $50 and $175 depending on device.

For a 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch Series 2 in full working condition, for example, Apple is offering $175, which is the highest payout available.

For an original 42mm Apple Watch Sport model in good working condition, Apple is offering $50, the lowest payout. These prices are lower than what you might get attempting to sell a device on your own, but higher in some cases than the prices available through other trade-in programs.

There currently isn’t anything in place in the UK just yet but hopefully we will see this adopted here soon. In the meantime if you are in the US you can see Apple’s recycling program here.