Apple Announces Apple Music For Artists

Apple Music is well known across the globe and yesterday Apple launched Apple Music for Artists which is a dashboard that has been built specifically for musicians that gives detailed insight regarding how fans interact with their music. The dashboard will essentially be a hub of info that shows artists an overview of their work’s performance by providing current number of plays, song purchases, full album spins, and album purchases. Artists can then choose to view this data over certain periods of time, such as “in the last 24 hours” or “in the last year.”

“As a truly independent artist with a small team, music analytics is something we can’t do without. We don’t have the luxury of deep major label market research to rely on to help us make important decisions like where to perform and how to advertise the things that we make,” says Canadian R&B singer Daniel Caesar

Initially, the feature will roll out as a beta to a few thousand select artists for testing to make sure that no adjustments need to be made. The dashboard provides bullet points that highlight milestones in an artist’s Apple Music career such as all-time number of purchases for a song or all-time number of lays for their entire catalogue of work. On an even more meticulous level, artists can view the popularity and performance of their work by country or even by city. They can further refine their search by demographic.

After testing is completed and improvements are implemented, Apple will release it to all artists in spring of this year as a mobile app. Pandora and Spotify debuted their artist dashboards more than two years ago.