Apple Announces Keynote 2017 Date

Apple has announced it’s long-awaited Autumn event September 12th where they are expected to announce the new iPhone(s).

In previous years Apple announced the iPhone 7 & 7+ on September 7th 2016, the iPhone 6s & 6s+ on September 9th 2015 and on September 9th 2014 the iPhone 6 &6+.

Rumours of the new iPhone have been flowing steadily for some time and have been varied with everything from Touch ID on the back to facial recognition software, Apple is also rumoured to have removed all bezels making the screen to body ratio one of the highest in existence at this time. Names of the iPhone have also varied from the iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPhone x and iPhone pro.

Other products Apple are expected to announce is series 3 of the Apple Watch, 4K Apple TV, more information on the Homepod and even updated versions of AirPods. One thing for certain is that all eyes will be on Apple during this event as it’s Apple’s ten year anniversary iPhone.