Apple Confirms 29W USB-C Power Adapter for fast charging

When Apple announced the iPhone 8,8+ and iPhone 10, one of the new features they touted was the ability of not only wireless charging but also fast charging. Shortly after the event it was reported that in-order to get the most out of fast charge users would need a USB-C Power Adapter, this is where the confusion came as Apple sells three different USB-C Power Adapter’s ranging between £49 to £70.

29W USB-C Power Adapter

Users have gotten clarification today as Apple now lists the 29W USB-C Power Adapter as “compatible with any USB-C–enabled device, Apple recommends pairing it with your iPhone 8 to take advantage of the fast-charging feature.” Whilst this is still expensive it should help users to make a decision when purchasing accessories. Thankfully users can purchase a Amavasion 29W USB C Power Adapter for Apple MacBook 12-inch,Replacement Power Adapter Charger with USB-C to USB-C Charge Cable