Apple has announced that it will repair iPhones, iPads and Macs damaged by Japanese floods for free

Apple has announced that it will repair any iPhones, iPads, Macs and iPods that were directly damaged by the devastating heavy floods that swept through Japan this month.

The announcement was made in a support article posted overnight, where Apple expressed its sympathies for anyone who was affected by the flooding, which has tragically caused hundreds of deaths.

“We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to everyone who received the damage due to the recent disaster and we pray for the earliest reconstruction as soon as possible.”

The support naturally goes against Apple’s standard repair policies, which strictly exclude water damage. Apple says that it will attempt to repair any damaged products for free, including via courier delivery.

This extended service will run until the end of September 2018. The online statement says “For repairable products to customers of consumers who use Apple products damaged by this disaster we will implement delivery repair service at no cost.”

Affected customers who wish to use the extended cover are advised to call Apple Support (0120-27753-5) and apply as they do not accept online applications.

The Company has also warned that courier pickup and delivery times may be impacted depending on conditions, especially as many areas still flooded.

See this page on Apple’s Japanese blog for more info.