Apple has removed cellular download restrictions in iOS 13 beta 1

Fresh in the aftermath of the WWDC19 keynote, users are busy downloading the beta’s and discovering what’s new. What we see now may differ from the final release in the Autumn however, it’s always fun to see what Apple is trying out. One of these features is the removal of the iPhone cellular limit for AppStore downloads. Last week it was discovered that Apple had increased the limit from 150mb to 200mb, and today Apple announced that App downloads has shrunk by 50% and so removing the limit makes sense as more and more people have larger cellular plans.

Discovered by 9t05mac in iOS 13, the system now shows a warning that the app size is large and advises the file size. Users can choose to continue downloading or schedule it to happen later when the device returns to a Wi-Fi connection. Users can even customise the options in Settings. There is a new preference in the iTunes & App Store named ‘App Downloads’. This has been a long requested feature and was one of the limits I personally used to bypass when running a Jailbroken iOS version.