Apple Increases User Security in iOS 13

When Apple introduced iOS 13 they covered some of the improved security features, however, there were some that Apple didn’t announce. We have taken a deep dive into some of their other Privacy and Security features in iOS 13.

App location permissions

Control the location data that you pass to apps with new, fine-grained controls. You can choose to grant an app access to your location once or anytime you use it.

App location transparency

Receive a notification when an app is using your location in the background, so you can decide whether to update your permission.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location privacy enhancements

API changes and new controls will help prevent apps from accessing your location without your consent using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Location controls for shared photos

Now you can control whether you share your location when you share a photo on social media.

Enhanced anti-fingerprinting protection in Safari

Protections related to browser fonts have been expanded.

Without doubt Apple is committed to making privacy a centre focus and developers can start to enjoy these benefits on iOS 13 beta, public beta testers can start taking advantage in July. All of these great features will come in September with the public release of iOS 13.