Apple is giving registered developers the ability to test shortcuts app through TestFlight

When Apple announced shortcuts for Siri everyone expected to test it in the beta’s however Apple is making its new Shortcuts app in iOS 12 available for developer testing ahead of release through TestFlight. Shortcuts is expected to replace Workflow which Apple previously acquired. Below is the beta release notes for shortcuts:About Shortcuts Beta 1 The Shortcuts app allows you to create your own personal shortcuts with multiple steps. Bug Reporting For issues not mentioned in the Notes and Known Issues section below, file bugs through Bug Reporter. When filing a bug, please use the following format: [Product]: Choose Product > iOS + SDK > SiriKit [Description]: Describe the following: 1. Title: Shortcuts app beta: [the issue] 2. Summary: 1. What was the issue? 2. Where within the app did this occur? Installing Shortcuts Beta 1 If you have the Workflow app installed, your workflows will be migrated to shortcuts upon installing the Shortcuts beta.Known Issues in Shortcuts Beta 1 Known Issues • Limited actions available in beta. (41726632) iCloud syncing of shortcuts is not yet available.(39368432) • • Some actions do not appear when running custom shortcuts in Siri. (41726785) • Shortcuts cannot open apps when run from Siri when the device is locked. (41307405) • Shortcuts provided to the INVoiceShortcutCenter suggested shortcuts API are not available when viewing an app’s actions in Shortcuts app. (40564970)