Apple joins forces with Samsung and it’s a crucial move

Apple has announced that it is teaming up with Samsung to bring iTunes movie and TV show library for both 2018 and 2019 range of Samsung televisions.

Users will be able to buy and rent content from iTunes directly from the TV via a dedicated app. These tv’s will also include support for AirPlay 2.

This joint venture will be made available in 100 countries and is a cruical move for Apple as rumours that they are planning on releasing their own TV service.

To date the only other thirdparty service Apple has allowed access to its video library is Windows PCs and Apple needs to seriously increase its user base if they want to rival other tv services such as Amazon video and Netflix.

Apple does sell their own Apple TV box’s, however, these are at a much higher price than rivals. Adding AirPlay 2 will allow content to be streamed from Apple devices directly to the Samsung TV’s in over 190 countries.