Apple Music top tips

Apple successfully released Apple Music along with iOS 8.4 yesterday along with a fantastic 3 month free trial so there’s no reason not to test it out for that free period. Here are some tips for Apple Music.

1) You can get the Beats 1 radio station free even if you do not sign up to the free trial.

2) If you don’t want the Apple music to display you can disable this by going to the main Settings app and scroll down to Music. Within that menu a new section for Apple Music includes a switch labeled Show Apple Music.

If this switch is on, the layout of the iOS Music app is geared toward catering to Apple Music subscribers, and also promoting the monthly subscription service to those who have not yet signed up.

Flipping this switch off, however, removes the “For You” and “New” parent menus in the iOS 8.4 Music app, and replaces them with the legacy “Playlists” option at the bottom of the screen. 3) When you register for your free trial you can automatically disable your auto renewal so you don’t forget in 3 months. (Video guide here by @iPhoeniix )

4) When you add an album to your downloads you can then go into your alarm and set any song that you have downloaded as your wake up tone.

5) You can make a song request via iMessage or my calling a number in your country

Beats request numbers


7) The for you tab shows your downloads so you no longer have to leave the app

8) To download songs or albums press the tab at the end and clicking make available offline this works for both songs and albums

9) To interact with artists on the connect tab you have a user name to change your user name go to logo on the top left press it and tab on the current name and type in what you want and you can also include an image.

10) To see what songs were played on a show tap the beats 1 logo then tap on the featured shows image then scroll down and you can select the date and see the full set list.