Apple News round up

This week has been a busy one for Apple News and Rumours, so we try to break it down so you can catchup.

Apple Silicon

Macwelt has published speed comparisons using a self-developed benchmark program which they claim to have seen “sensational results”. The tool tool generates a million random numbers each in different number formats and the MacMini achieved the same performance as the current 16in MacBook Pro with an eight-core Intel chip which costs £2,799. The Mac Mini used is part of Apple’s Developer Transition Kit which costs $500 which developers then have to return to Apple and uses the Apple A12Z Bionic (The same as in the iPad Pro).

Apple Terminates Epic Developer Account

Apple has terminated Epic Games Developer Account as promised after Epic refused to remove their alternative in-app purchase option. Apple says that the 30% fee is a contractual agreement that Epic decided to break after Apple refused to offer them a discount rate.

A judge recently ruled that Apple was not allowed to terminate Epic’s other Developer account which gave smaller developers access to their unreal engine as it was separate to the ongoing lawsuit. Users who had previously downloaded Fortnite can no longer re-download it from their purchase history.

Exsposure Notifications

Apple released iOS 13.7 beta 1 on Wednesday which is in preparation for phase two of their Covid-19 contact-tracing system. This update will allow user to receive notifications about their exposure to infectious people without needing to install a specific app. Each country will still need to support the API which Apple and Google have developed together so countries such as the UK who have failed to implement any tangible Track & Trace program will not be able to use this feature yet.