Apple release iTunes update 11.4

After a very busy day of apple announcements there are lots of people scrambling to get the GM version of IOS8, in the meantime Apple has released version 11.4 for iTunes which supports IOS8. If your wondering what GM stands for it’s golden master edition which is for developers only who have been Beta testing IOS8 for the last couple of weeks.

For those who are adventurous you can obtain GM from certain sources and in effect have IOS8 early however this is against Apple’s policy and if anything were to go wrong then your warranty would not cover you.

Apple has also released Testflight app on the App Store which is also big news and obviously requires IOS8, Apple has informed developers that they are ready for them to start submitting IOS8 Apps.

We want to know what you think of all the latest apple news so far and if you plan on buying the new iPhone (if so which one) or iWatch?

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