Apple releases Apple Music App for Samsung Tv’s

When Apple released the Apple TV+ app to third-party TV’s it set a precedent that Apple is willing to risk loosing sales of it’s Apple TV box to get it’s content on as many platforms as possible. Now Apple is making steps to make Apple Music more accessible after Samsung announced today that a new Apple Music app is now available for its smart TVs. The app can be downloaded on all Samsung smart TVs from 2018 through 2020.

If you own one of the compatible Samsung smart TVs, you can download the new Apple Music app now from the Samsung Smart TV App Store, users can sign in to an existing account with their Apple ID, or begin the subscription process right from their TV. Samsung Smart TV owners can try Apple Music free for 3 months with an individual, family or student subscription.

In addition to Apple Music vast catalog, subscribers can also watch original shows, trending concerts, and other exclusive content on their Samsung Smart TVs.