Apple releases iOS 13.1.1 to the public

After Apple officially released iOS 13.1 to the public on September 24th they have now released iOS 13.1.1. Not much is known about this beta at this point but it will most certainly contain bug fixes.

What changed in 13.1

When Apple released 13.1 it included several bug fixes including battery drain but also a “Share ETA” button in Apple Maps while you’re navigating with directions. Audio sharing via multiple headphones featuring Apple’s H1 or W2 chip may now be connected to your iPhone at the same time. Users now have the ability to create personal and home automations in Shortcuts.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 11 line they included a new silicon component called the U1 in this year’s iPhones. The ultra-wideband chip gives spatial awareness to the iPhones. The U1 was not used in iOS 13, however iOS 13.1 has now turned this feature on.

Apple says iOS 13.1.1 includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone. This update:

  1. Fixes issues that could prevent iPhone restoring from backup

  2. Addresses an issue that could cause battery to drain more quickly

  3. Fixes an issue that could impact recognition of Siri requests on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

  4. Resolves a problem where Safari search suggestions may re-enable after turning them off

  5. Addresses an issue that could cause Reminders to sync slowly

  6. Fixes a security issue for third-party keyboard apps