Apple releases tvOS 13.2 iOS 13.2 for iPhone, iPad and HomePod also iOS 12.4.3 for older devices

Apple has released iOS & iPadOS 13.2, this update brings iOS 13.2 also includes new changes such as the addition of Announce Messages with Siri, new iPadOS settings, HomeKit tweaks, Deep Fusion Apple’s new camera processing technology that works in the background to improve image quality for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro users.

iOS 13.2 brings support for new Unicode 12 emojis, with more than 230 characters when different genders and skin tones are taken into account. 13.2 also brings support for the newly announced AirPods Pro.

  1. The ability for HomePod to recognize the voices of different family members to provide a personalized experience

  2. Handoff music, podcasts or phone calls by bringing your iPhone close to HomePod

  3. Add music to your HomeKit scenes

  4. Play relaxing high-quality soundtracks with Ambient Sounds

  5. Set sleep timers to fall asleep to music or Ambient Sounds

The multi-user mode allow the HomePod to recognise up to six different voices in the home, and personalise its responses accordingly. Users will be able to access their own individual music library and complete user-specific tasks through Personal Requests like sending messages.

If you bring our phone close to the HomePod and a notification appears on the Lock screen asking if you want to play on HomePod, making handoff feature makes it easier to switch between the device in your hand and the HomePod speakers.

Apple has also released tvOS 13.2 and iOS 12.4.3 for older iOS devices that are not capable of running iOS 13.