Apple removes iPod nano and iPod shuffle and reduces the cost of the iPod Touch

Today Apple has pulled its iPod nano and iPod shuffle products from its website leaving just the iPod touch available, they have also simplified and updated its pricing on the current iPod touch and in the process they have brought the pricing down by up to $100.

Apple is also making the 32GB and 128GB models the only options removing both the 16GB and 64GB options, this refresh of the iPod touch models now mirror the iPhone 6s options of a 32GB and 128GB model and see a price cut of $50 for the 32GB version coming in at $199 and a $100 drop for the 128GB model now priced at $299. The more affordable iPod touch models are available now on Apple’s website. Apple has also reduced the price of remaining iPod nano and iPod shuffle left in store.