Apple rumoured to be building it’s own search engine

As the US Senate steps up it’s anti-trust review efforts a new report from the Financial Times (FT) shows a noticed change in the latest version of iOS 14 which shows Apple is working on it’s own search engine. The change is that Apple has begun to show its own search results and link directly to websites when users type queries from its home screen.

Currently Google pays a hefty fee to Apple to remain the default search Engine on iOS devices whilst leaving users the option to change this buried deeper in the settings menu.

Digital marketing consultant Suganthan Mohanadasan told FT that “Applebot” a web crawler for Apple used by Siri and Spotlight Suggestions has shown up “a ridiculous number of times” on his clients’ websites in recent weeks.

If Apple does plan on building a successful search then they will need to invest billions to make sure that their search is not as bad as the launch of Apple Maps which was intended to replace Google Maps.