Apple’s Free Schoolwork App Now Available to Teachers

When Apple announced it’s school efforts one of the apps they announced was the Schoolwork app which Makes It Easy to Create Assignments, View Student Progress and More. Apple Says

“Millions of teachers around the world choose iPad as the best tool to help personalize learning and inspire creativity. Now with the free Schoolwork app, available today, teachers can easily create assignments, collaborate one-on-one with students, tap into the power of apps for learning and view and understand student progress. Schoolwork, along with Apple’s Classroom app, provides teachers around the world with powerful tools to enhance the learning experience and help both educators and students get more out of the technology they use in the classroom everyday.”

Schoolwork works alongside the Classroom app, which turns iPad — and now Mac — into a versatile teaching assistant, putting teachers in charge of the technology used in the classroom. Classroom on iPad helps teachers keep students focused on a specific app or website and lets them view student screens during class, share documents with students, assign shared iPads and even reset a student’s password. The School work app is Free and available to download now on Apple’s education tools website.

For more information on Apple’s tools for teachers and how to set up Schoolwork and Classroom, please visit: