Apple’s iOS9 side loading app update

When apple introduced iOS9 one of the proud new features they unvailed was the ability for users to side load custom apps without a developer account, all users need was a Mac, xcode 7 and an idevice on iOS9.

This new feature was a good thing for people who were looking to develop and test their own apps without paying apple’s developers fee until they were ready to submit their app, but for others they claimed it would spark an increase in pirated apps.

Many others have questioned the need for signing services that are currently circulating, however it turns out that apps that are sideloaded onto the device only have a 90 day provisioning profile, what this effectivly mean that apps will cease to work after 90 days and will have to be re-installed.


This will stop most users as it means anything saved is effectivly destroyed every 90 days.

What are your thoughts on this new feature? have you tried it out yet? will you be using it?