Apple’s larger iPad delayed, but has upgrades. 

Back in January we reported that Apple was meant to be working on a larger display iPad was those rumours have continued we were first thought to be released in the first quarter of 2015 however it is now apparent that Apple has delayed the release into the second-quarter most likely around September launch. Whilst it was duly maybe setting for so it would also seem that Apple is looking at upgrading the display and also the USB port.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is working on a USB 3.0 technology which will allow for faster data transfer up to 10 times the current transfer rate. Currently the iPad mini and good 9.7 inch iPad do not come with a USB port.

Apple has been rumoured to have decided to use oxide LCD display and that sharp will most likely to be the main supplier of this new technology.

Like all Apple rumours there is no way of being certain of these will be in the final production however, if these rumours do turn out to be true then the new 12.5″ tablet could help halt the decline in tablet sales towards the end of 2014.